1) рекл. реклама (совокупность каких-л. рекламных объявлений; обычно употребляется с указанием места, где размещается данная реклама)

alcohol advertising on radio — реклама алкоголя на радио

Over 60 percent of alcohol advertising [on television\] is shown during sports programming

to broadcast advertising of gambling services — передавать в эфир рекламу игорных заведений

amount of advertising in the media — объем рекламы в СМИ

Asian governments have attempted to limit excessive consumptions by instituting strict control over the content and amount of advertising in the media.

advertising on buses — реклама на автобусах

Advertising [on buses\] is one of the important advertising means to which companies and establishments attach great importance because this type of advertisement is a mobile one seen by all.

two-thirds of the food and drink advertising for children under 12 — две трети всей рекламы продуктов питания для детей младше 12-ти лет

Last month, 10 companies that produce almost two-thirds of the food and drink advertising [for children\] under 12 agreed to start cutting back on advertising junk foods.

to distribute printing advertising — распространять печатную рекламу

No person shall within the city distribute [printed\] advertising by placing it within or upon parked automobiles.

2) рекл. реклама, рекламирование (процесс осуществления рекламы; как правило, употребляется с указанием рекламируемого продукта)

to prevent alcohol advertising — не допустить рекламирования алкоголя

Alcohol advertising is the promotion of alcoholic beverages by alcohol producers through a variety of media.

to regulate advertising of gambling — регулировать рекламу игорного бизнеса

the control of medicines advertising in the UK — контроль за рекламой лекарств в Соединенном Королевстве

to specialize in advertising to women — специализироваться на рекламе для женщин

ATTRIBUTES: accessory 2. 1), advance 3. 2), aerial 3. 1), agricultural, air 2. 1),

alternative 2. 3), ambient 1. 1), audiovisual, auxiliary 2. 1), block 1. 4) а), boastful, broadcast 2. 1), n1, classified 1. 1), commercial 1. 4) а), comparative, competing 1. 1) а), competitive 1. 2) а), concept 1. 2) а), consumer 1. 1) а), continuity 1. 1) а), controversial 1. 1) а), cooperative 2. 1), n2, coordinated, corporate 1. 2) а), б, corrective 1. 1), creative, deceptive, demographic, denigratory, dissipative, domestic 1. 2) а),

foreign 1) б), global, professional 1. 3) б), regional, repeat 3. 3) б), strategic, superior 3. 1) б), test 3. 3) б), traditional

accessory advertising, advance advertising, advocacy advertising, aerial advertising, agricultural advertising, air advertising, aisle advertising, alternative advertising, ambient advertising, analogy advertising, association advertising, audiovisual advertising, auxiliary advertising, bait advertising, bait and switch advertising, bait-and-switch advertising, bank advertising, banner advertising, bargain advertising, bargain-basement advertising, block advertising, boastful advertising, brand advertising, brand image advertising, brand name advertising, breakthrough advertising, broadcast advertising, burst advertising, business advertising, business paper advertising, business publication advertising, business-to-business advertising, car-card advertising, cause advertising, challenged advertising, charity advertising, children's advertising, cinema advertising, classified advertising, combative advertising, commercial advertising, comparative advertising, comparison advertising, competing advertising, competitive advertising, concept advertising, consumer advertising, continuity advertising, controversial advertising, co-op advertising, cooperative advertising, coordinated advertising, corporate advertising, corporate image advertising, corrective advertising, counter advertising, counteradvertising, coupon advertising, creative advertising, deceptive advertising, demographic advertising, demonstration advertising, denigratory advertising, direct advertising, direct response advertising, direct-action advertising, direct mail advertising, direct-mail advertising, directory advertising, display advertising, dissipative advertising, domestic advertising, door-to-door advertising, educational advertising, electric advertising, electrical advertising, e-mail based advertising, entertaining advertising, ethical advertising, export advertising, eye-catching advertising, factual advertising, false advertising, farm advertising, fashion advertising, film advertising, financial advertising, flexform advertising, follow-up advertising, foreign advertising, fraudulent advertising, full-page advertising, gender advertising, general advertising, generic advertising, global advertising, goodwill advertising, group advertising, hard-sell advertising, hard-selling advertising, heavy advertising, help wanted advertising, high-pressure advertising, house advertising, house-to-house advertising, idea advertising, illuminated advertising, image advertising, impact advertising, indirect action advertising, indirect-action advertising, individual advertising, indoor advertising, industrial advertising, information advertising, informational advertising, informative advertising, in-house advertising, initial advertising, innovative advertising, institutional advertising, in-store advertising, insurance advertising, international advertising, interstate advertising, introductory advertising, intrusive advertising, issue advertising, joint advertising, large-scale advertising, launch advertising, legal advertising, local advertising, mail advertising, mail-order advertising, mass advertising, mass-media advertising, media advertising, military advertising, misleading advertising, mobile advertising, mood advertising, movie theatre advertising, multimedia advertising, multinational advertising, national advertising, non-business advertising, non-commercial advertising, novelty advertising, obtrusive advertising, offbeat advertising, off-season advertising, on-line advertising, on-target advertising, opinion advertising, oral advertising, outdoor advertising, out-of-home advertising, package advertising, periodical advertising, personality advertising, persuasive advertising, point-of-purchase advertising, point-of-sale advertising, political advertising, postal advertising, postcard advertising, poster advertising, postmark advertising, pre-launch advertising, premium advertising, press advertising, prestige advertising, price advertising, primary advertising, print advertising, private sector advertising, problem-solution advertising, procurement advertising, producer advertising, product advertising, product-comparison advertising, professional advertising, promotional advertising, public relations advertising, public sector advertising, public service advertising, public-affairs advertising, public interest advertising, public-issue advertising, public-service advertising, radio advertising, railway advertising, reason-why advertising, recruitment advertising, regional advertising, reinforcement advertising, remembrance advertising, reminder advertising, repeat advertising, retail advertising, retentive advertising, saturation advertising, scented advertising, screen advertising, seasonal advertising, selective advertising, self-advertising, semi-display advertising, show-window advertising, sky advertising, slide advertising, social advertising, social cause advertising, soft-sell advertising, specialty advertising, split-run advertising, spot advertising, store advertising, strategic advertising, street advertising, strip advertising, subliminal advertising, sustaining advertising, switch advertising, tactical advertising, target advertising, taxi top advertising, teaser advertising, television advertising, test advertising, testimonial advertising, tie-in advertising, tombstone advertising, total advertising, trade advertising, trademark advertising, traditional advertising, transformational advertising, transit advertising, transportation advertising, truthful advertising, truth-in-advertising, two-step formal advertising, unacceptable advertising, unfair advertising, untruthful advertising, visual advertising, vocational advertising, wall advertising, word-of-mouth advertising, written advertising, yellow pages advertising, advertising abuse, advertising action, advertising aids, advertising analysis а), advertising appeal, advertising approach, advertising audience, advertising awareness, advertising balance, advertising band, advertising believability, advertising break, advertising brochure, advertising catalogue, advertising circular, advertising claim 1) а), advertising clutter, advertising column, advertising communication, advertising competition 2) а), advertising copy, advertising coupon, advertising credibility, advertising cue, advertising decay, advertising deception, advertising device, advertising emphasis, advertising exaggeration, advertising exposure 2) а), advertising factor а), advertising film, advertising folder, advertising frequency, advertising gift, advertising gimmick, advertising handbill, advertising hoarding, advertising image, advertising impact, advertising impression, advertising influence, advertising insert, advertising intensity, advertising jingle, advertising label, advertising leaflet, advertising letter, advertising literature 1) а), advertising location, advertising magazine, advertising material, advertising matter, advertising media, advertising medium, advertising novelty, advertising operation 2) а), advertising page, advertising pamphlet, advertising panel, advertising penetration, advertising perception, advertising personality, advertising playback, advertising point, advertising posttest, advertising pretest, advertising puffery, advertising pylon, advertising race, advertising readership, advertising recall, advertising response, advertising retention, advertising sample, advertising section 2) а), advertising site, advertising slogan, advertising space, advertising specialty, advertising sponsorship, advertising spoof, advertising spot, advertising standards, advertising structure, advertising supplement, advertising test, advertising testing, advertising text, advertising threshold, advertising time, advertising vehicle, advertising wearout, advertising wedge, Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, Code of Advertising Practice, Defining Advertising goals for Measured Advertising Results, Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, ICC Guidelines / Code on Advertising and Marketing on the Internet, ICC International Code of Advertising Practice, ICC International Code of Environmental Advertising, ICC International Codes of Marketing and Advertising Practices, Standard Advertising Register, Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies, Standards of Practice of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Advertising Association, Advertising Association of the West, Advertising Checking Bureau, Advertising Club of New York, Advertising Council, Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc. 2), Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc., Advertising Council, Inc.
3) рекл. рекламное дело, рекламная деятельность, рекламный бизнес (реклама как вид деятельности безотносительно каких-л. конкретных продуктов; реклама как одна из функций организации)

advertising counsellor [consultant\] — рекламный консультант, консультант по рекламе

advertising expert — рекламный эксперт, эксперт по рекламе

advertising textbook — учебник по рекламе

above-the-line advertising, below-the-line advertising, flat fee advertising, investment advertising, per inquiry advertising, advertising account, advertising activity, advertising agency, advertising agent, advertising agreement, advertising allowance, advertising analysis б), advertising appropriation, advertising assistant, advertising audit, advertising brief, advertising broker, advertising budget, advertising business, advertising campaign, advertising canvasser, advertising claim 2) б), advertising club, advertising code, advertising community, advertising company, advertising competition 1) б), advertising contract, advertising contractor, advertising control, advertising cooperative, advertising copywriting, advertising cost, advertising coverage, advertising customer, advertising department, advertising director, advertising directory, advertising drive, advertising effect, advertising effectiveness, advertising efficiency, advertising environment, advertising ethics, advertising exchange, advertising executive, advertising expenditures, advertising expenses, advertising exposure 1) б), &3, advertising factor б), advertising firm, advertising guide, advertising industry, advertising injury, advertising landscape, advertising legislation, advertising leverage, advertising liability, advertising linage, advertising literature 2) б), advertising man, advertising management, advertising manager, advertising method, advertising mix, advertising monopoly, advertising network, advertising objective, advertising office, advertising operation 1) б), advertising order, advertising outcome, advertising outlay, advertising output, advertising people, advertising performance, advertising personnel, advertising plan, advertising planner, advertising planning, advertising portfolio, advertising practice, advertising practitioner, advertising professional, advertising programme, advertising purpose, advertising rate, advertising register, advertising representative, advertising research, advertising restrictions, advertising sales agents, advertising schedule, advertising section 1) б), advertising self-regulation, advertising services, advertising specialist, advertising spending, advertising statistics, advertising strategy, advertising substantiation, advertising support, advertising talent, advertising theory, advertising value, advertising variable, advertising weight, media buy, copywriting, advertology

* * *
реклама, рекламирование: использование печатных, теле-, радио- и иных посланий, оплаченных рекламодателем, для благоприятного воздействия на потенциальных покупателей товара или клиентов.
* * *
размещение объявлений; размещение рекламы; рекламирование
. . Словарь экономических терминов .
* * *
Международное страхование
эмоционально окрашенная информация об основных характеристиках отдельных видов страхования и страховых операций с целью формирования устойчивого спроса на страховые услуги
средство распространения информации и убеждения людей через прессу, телевидение, радиовещание, объявления, плакаты и другим образом

Англо-русский экономический словарь.

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